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SHOFU Zirconomer Improved

SHOFU Zirconomer Improved

Product code : SF 63

Brand : Shofu

WEIGHT : 12.00 gm

Cod Available : Yes

Cod Charges : ₹0.00

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Powder 12gm / Liquid 5ml.


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₹ 4,117.00 ₹ 2,780.00 (32.48%)

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  • Reinforced Glass Ionomer

  • Zirconomer Improved defines a new class of restorative that promises the strength and durability of amalgam with the protective benefits of glass ionomer while completely eliminating the hazard of mercury.
  • This high strength restorative has been specially reinforced with nano-zirconia fillers that not only impart remarkable mechanical properties to the restoration for posterior load bearing areas but also provides enough translucency to match natural tooth.

    Powder / Liquid Ratio: 3.6 / 1.0 (2 Scoops : 1 Drop)  
    Working Time 23˚C :  1 min 30 sec (from start of mixing)
    Net Setting Time 37˚C: 3 mins (from end of mixing)

  • High strength and durability like Silver amalgam with protective benefits of glasionomer.Improved edge strength and marginal adaptation High translucency, flexural modulus and compressive strength.
  • Improved mixing and handling characteristics.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion.
  • Remarkable radiopacity.
  • Sustained high fluoride release for anti-cariogenic benefits especially in cases with high caries risk.
  • Exceptional for minimally invasive procedures as it chemically bonds to enamel and dentin while displaying tooth-like co-efficient of thermal expansion, which results in low interfacial stresses and minimizes potential for failure.
  • Packable and condensable like amalgam without the hazard of mercury or the risk of corrosion, expansion and thermal conductivity.

  • 12 gm Powder (Shade: Universal)
  • 5 ml Liquid
  • Mixing Pad
  •  Spoon & Spatula


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