AMMDENT Prep Canal

AMMDENT Prep Canal

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Brand : Ammdent

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  • EDTA with carbamide peroxide

  • Root Canal preparation gel used for decalcification of calcified root canal.
  • It comprises of EDTA with carbamide Peroxide in a water Soluble Paste form.

  • Prep canal lubricants help remove calcifications and the smear layer as well as lubricate the canal for competent instrumentation.
  • Contain about 15% EDTA. water-based, which allows easy access to the narrow apical area and is easier to remove than gels or creams.
  • Used with a surfactant to loosen up calcifications inside the root canal and facilitate canal shaping for obturation.

  • *9% EDTA helps in chelating the calcium salts.
  • *Gel helps lubricate endodontic instrument and makes penetration easier.
  • *Helps in mechanical as well as chemical cleansing of root canal preparations.
  • *10% carbamide peroxide promotes internal bleaching on irrigation with hypochlorite solution.
  • *Disposable syringe tips which eliminate cross-contamination by dispensing a clean, single dose.
  • *Makes shaping more efficient.Syringe for direct application.

  • 2 syringe x 3.5 gm each.

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