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SHOFU Amalgam Polishing Kit Airrotor (Fg)

SHOFU Amalgam Polishing Kit Airrotor (Fg)

Product code : SF 87

Brand : Shofu

Cod Available : Yes

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  • Amalgam Polishing Kit

  • An ideal assortment of abrasives impregnated with polishing compounds to provide fast and brilliant results on Amalgam restorations without pumice or tin oxide.
  • These autoclavable silicone polishers have a long track record and are well known for their efficiency and durability.
  • Recommended average speed for Brownie, Greenie & SuperGreenie Polishers: 5,000 to 7,000 rpm (maximum speed of 30,000 rpm).

  • Provides fast, brilliant results without pumice or tin oxide Cups are for proximals and mini-points are for occlusals.
  • Brownies for pre-polishing.
  • Greenies for polishing Supergreenies for super-polishing Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits Your choice of a sterilizable bur block or plastic kit Use Amalgam Polishing kit for: amalgams and precious alloys

  • 3 each Brownie Cups & Midi-Points - for pre-polishing
  • 2 each Greenie Cups & Midi-Points - for polishing
  • 1 each Supergreenie Cup & Midi-Point - for super polishing


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