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SHOFU Lamina Porcelain Polishing Kit

SHOFU Lamina Porcelain Polishing Kit

Product code : SF 77

Brand : Shofu

Cod Available : Yes

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  • The Vintage Lamina ceramic system serves as basic ceramic system ("masking porcelain") for the production of crowns and laminates (veneers) in the anterior region An advanced addition to the Vintage porcelain system for metal-free laminates, inlays, onlays and single crowns

  • optimum base porcelain for covering discolored areas of all ceramic anterior restorations.restorations feature natural light refraction properties in interaction with Vintage Opal and Vintage Halo Opal Porcelain.Lamina porcelain is available in the six basic shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, and D3.It masks virtually any discoloration of the prepared tooth even in thin layers ("masking porcelain"). If a higher translucency is required, for the first connector firing Vintage Porcelain T-Glass should be used. Afterwards the dentine and enamel regions are laminated with Vintage or Vintage Halo porcelain.

  • Refills in 15gm bottles available individually in shade: LMA1, LMA2, LMA3, LMA3.5, LMB2, LMD3


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