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Ultradent Astringedent Bottle 30 ml - U111(15.5% Ferric Sulfate)

ULTRADENT Astringedent 15.5% Ferric Sulphate 30ml (111)

Product code : UL 27

Brand : Ultradent

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  • Heamostatic Agent

  • An aqueous, 15.5% ferric sulfate hemostatic solution with a pH of ~1.0.

  • Known as the “Classic” hemostatic agent
  • Stops bleeding in seconds
  • Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
  • Decreases costly impression remakes

  • Highly recommended as effective and easy to use for control of bleeding, tissue management, and pulpotomies.
  • Astringedent is well-suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures to arrest surface capillary bleeding. Such procedures include fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, periodontal treatment, etc
  • Astringedent is also recommended for retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a ‘“fixative” for pulpotomies. Astringedent can be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures. Soak an Ultrapak cord in hemostatic and isolate the tissues, followed by a firm air/water spray

  • 30ml (34.41g) bottle

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