Denext V-MOTOR Endomotor

Denext V-MOTOR Endomotor

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Brand : Denext

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Used for endodontics during a root canal treatment, to drive instruments for shaping in continuous rotation and reciprocating movement with torque and speed control.

It can connect to V-PEX Apex Locator and more functions will be activated.

How to connect:-

Adjust the handpiece operation to a continuous rotation memory mode.

Connect the handpiece to the apex locator by using data transfe cable.

The connection icon on the apex locator will appea if the connection is complete.

Connecting the measuring wire to the apex locator and the other end of the measuring wire to the lip hook(any of the sockets).


Apical Reverse Setting:

If this function is enabled, the handpiece will rotate in the reverse rotation automatically when the file reaches the set reference point; and will resume the forward rotation when it returns to the position above the reference point.

Auto Start & Stop Setting:

If this function is enabled, the handpiece starts automatically when the file enters the root canal, and will stop automatically when leaving the root canal.

Apical Slow Down Setting:

When this function is tuned on, the handpiece will reduce the speed automatically when the file reaches the set reference point.

Apical Torque Decrease Setting:

When this function is turned on, the handpiece reduces the torque automatically when the file reahes the set reference point.

Model:                                 V-Motor

Dimensions:                        Approx 205mm*185mm*70mm

Weight:                               Approx 680g

Power Supply:                   Lithium Ion Battery:ICR18500 3.7V, 2000mAh

Contra-angle:                    Contra-angle compatible with rotary and reciprocating instruments, equipped with a 2.35 mm shaft confirming to ISO 1797-1:2011, Type 1, Files length 11-31mm

Charger Power Supply:     AC100- 240V, 50/60 Hz

Charger Nominal Power Input: 5 VA

Degree of Protection:       IPX 0

Torque Range:                    0.6 4.0

Speed Range:                      100rpm-120rpm

Operation:                            Forward (Clockwise rotation), Reverse (Counter clockwise rotation), Reciprocation       

Reciprocating angle range: 30°, 50°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 160°, 180°, 210°, 250°



Handpiece Base*1


Spray Nozzle*1

Contra Angle*1

Silicon Sleeves*1

DataTransfer Cable*1


Manufacturer/ Importer warranty of 1 Years as applicable on complete product.

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